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On-chain DEX with highly efficient liquidity provisioning and up to 10x leverage for makers and takers.

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Stats that speak for themselves

We are the largest derivatives DEX by daily trading volume. And we're just getting started. See live data on DuneAnalytics or OKLink.


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Why Perpetual Protocol?


Best in Class Performance

A world class trading experience that is open to all, thanks to the power of public blockchains and L2 scaling solutions. Fast transactions with minimal fees.


Decentralized by Design

Trade instantly using vAMM technology. No sign-ups, no middle man, no waiting for counterparties & no wondering if your funds are safe.


Trade any Asset

Trading crypto assets is just the beginning. Gold, fiat, commodities—Perpetual Protocol will support it all.


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What's the goal of this project?

Our goal is to democratize powerful trading tools. Leveraged derivatives trading used to be the exclusive domain of centralized organizations and wealthy individuals. Perpetual Protocol lowers the barrier, making advanced trading tools available to all.



What is Perpetual Protocol for?

Perpetual Protocol lets you trade a wide range of assets, including short selling, with up to 10x leverage. In addition, you can earn fees by providing liquidity or staking protocol tokens. All this can be done programmatically, or via web3 interfaces.



What are Virtual AMMs (vAMMs)?

vAMMs are an innovation by Perpetual Protocol that allows traders to use leverage and short selling while trading on an AMM style exchange made famous by Uniswap and others. Unlike AMMs, where pools of asset pairs are used to do swaps, vAMMs work with only one asset as collateral for leveraged trades. Visit our docs to learn more.



Is it safe to trade on Perpetual Protocol?

Perpetual Protocol's smart contract code is audited in an ongoing process with auditing firms Consensys and Peckshield. In addition, Perpetual Protocol has purchased coverage for all protocol users from Nexus Mutual and Unslashed Finance to cover users in the event of a smart contract bug or exploit.

Developer Ecosystem

Perpetual protocol empowers developers, liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

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