Evangelist Program


Get rewards based on your involvement!


  • Invite-only application opens on Oct 21th
  • The first Epoch starts on Nov 1st

How to join

  • Make sure you have Discord, Telegram and Twitter usernames ready, as well as an Ethereum wallet, then send them to us via this form
  • Once your application is approved, you will get an Evangelist Toolkit with:
  • Access to our Coordinape page (link to the page) with 100 GIVE tokens
  • Discord and/or Telegram moderator permission
  • A Twitter list to follow (so you can see what other evangelists are doing)

How it works

  • There will be one Epoch every month. This is the period of time when you will give and receive rewards for contributions to the community.
  • You will receive 100 GIVE tokens at the beginning of each Epoch, which you can then send to other evangelists you have observed making contributions to the community during the Epoch.
  • Every Friday you can update what you have done. This information will be shared with other evangelists so everyone has a better picture of who has made what contributions to the community for that week.
  • On the last day of the Epoch we will finalize everyone's contributions and distribute the rewards based on the GIVE token allocation.
  • Remember:
  • Only GIVE tokens you send or receive count. The 100 GIVE you get each month aren't worth anything until you give them away 😉
  • It's not a competition. We all work together to make the Perpetual Protocol a place users want to visit and hang out in.
  • Reward helpful work with GIVE, and your helpful work will also be rewarded with GIVE 🙂

Learn more about Coordinape here.

Scope of Work

We define community contributions to include (but not be limited to):

Discord Moderation

  • Answer all questions on Discord & Telegram in a timely and responsive manner
  • Delete & ban spam
  • Start new topics of discussion on Discord & Telegram
  • Have friendly conversations on Discord & Telegram with fellow community members
  • Share relevant news and/or memes on Discord & Telegram

Social Media

  • Start a conversation on Twitter with the tag #PERPFECT #PerpetualProtocol
  • Reply to other influencers' tweets with the tag #PERPFECT #PerpetualProtocol
  • Retweet or tweet about Perpetual Protocol's official announcements
  • Mention @perpprotocol on Twitter

Content Generation

  • Tweet about Perpetual Protocol with links to or
  • Blog post about Perpetual Protocol with links to or
  • Translate our content to your language
  • Create emoji packs for discord or Telegram
  • Create sticker packs for discord or Telegram
  • Create GIF and upload to GIPHY
  • Create memes
  • Educational videos on Youtube or TikTok, bonus if you have decent followers
  • High-quality tutorial videos for each article on


  • Bring up new ideas for Perpetual Protocol related to growth, partnerships, community, and new programs
  • Create local (non-English) communities
  • Any other contributions you can think of

Rewards & FAQ


  • 2000 PERP tokens/EPOCH (1 month), will raise the number if there are more contributors joining
  • The amount of PERP tokens you are eligible to receive is based on the number of GIVE tokens earned by the end of the EPOCH
  • You will get extra UMA KPI tokens if you are a long term evangelist (TBD)


Q: Who gets to give out GIVE tokens? Only the evangelists?

A: All evangelists and Perpetual Protocol core team members.

Q: If I want to quit during the EPOCH, what should I do?

A: No action on your part is needed. You just won't receive as many GIVE tokens if you stop contributing. You're welcome to come back any time and continue helping+earning!

Q: Can I keep my GIVE tokens, so I have more of them by the end of the EPOCH?

A: No, only GIVE tokens received by others will be calculated in your total.

Q: How much are GIVE tokens worth? Can they be sold?

A: GIVE tokens have no value on their own and they can't be sold or transferred to a different wallet. Once you send a GIVE token to someone, it adds to their share of the monthly budget of PERP that they will receive, and GIVE tokens you receive add to your share of the monthly budget.

Developer Ecosystem

Perpetual protocol empowers developers, liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

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